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“The whole perplexity lies in just what is more beautiful: Shakespeare or boots, Raphael or petroleum?”

Demons Part Three Chapter One, Sections 3-4 by Dennis Abrams “The Fete. First Part.” “Again something wrong was hovering in the hall.” “…why is that at the end of their illustrious years these gentleman geniuses of ours sometimes act just … Continue reading

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“Among us there was also preserved a small group of prudent persons who had secluded themselves at the very beginning and even locked themselves in. But what lock can stand against a law of nature?”

Demons Part Three, Chapter One, Sections 1-2 by Dennis Abrams “The Fete. First Part.” “The fete took place, all the perplexities of the previous ‘Shpigulin’ day notwithstanding. I think that even if Lembke had died that same night, the fete … Continue reading

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“We are not in a mincing lady’s boudoir; we are, as it were, two abstract beings in a balloon, who have met in order to speak out the truth.”

Demons Part Two, Chapter Ten by Dennis Abrams “Filibusters: A Fatal Morning” “The event that occurred on our way was also of a surprising sort.” [AN HOUR BEFORE THE NARRATOR AND STEPAN ARRIVE…] A crowd of workers, delegates from the … Continue reading

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“…nothing is more unbearable when a man is unhappy than for a hundred friends to come right then and point out to him how stupid he’s been.”

Demons Part Two, Chapter Nine by Dennis Abrams “Stepan Trofimovich Perquisitioned” The narrator receives a summons from Stepan’s servant Nastasya, “her master had been ‘perquisitioned,’…by officers, who had come and taken papers, and a soldier had tied them into a … Continue reading

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“You are in the grip of a desire for martyrdom and self-sacrifice; conquer this desire as well, set aside your pages and your intention — and then you will overcome everything.”

Demons “At Tikhon’s” conclusion by Dennis Abrams “The reading took about an hour.” Tikhon cautiously asks if corrections can be made in the document — “to touch up the style a little.” Stavrogin vows he won’t be moved from his … Continue reading

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“Every extremely shameful, immeasurably humiliating, mean, and, above all, ridiculous position I have happened to get into in my life has always aroused in me, along with boundless wrath, an unbelievable pleasure.”

Demons “At Tikhon,” Stavrogin’s ‘confession’ by Dennis Abrams “The print was indeed foreign — three printed pages of ordinary, small-format stationery, sewn together. “From Stavrogin” His surprising spelling errors, “it is apparent that the author is above all not a … Continue reading

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“Demons undoubtedly exist, but the understanding of them can vary greatly.”

Demons “At Tikhon’s,” Section One by Dennis Abrams “Nikolai Vsevolodovich did not sleep that night…” His customary wake-up at 9:30, morning cup of coffee. Leaving the house, a crowd of fifty or more men cross his path, “Shhpigulin workers.” The … Continue reading

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